The Day of the Roses

The Day of the Roses is a two-part Australian television mini-series , a docu-drama directed by Peter Fisk , based on the events of the 1977 Granville railway disaster . The movie was made in 1998 and runs over 3.5 hours.


The film starts at an anniversary commemoration of the crash, where roses are dropped on the track to the aftermath of the first scene. Five months later the coroner, Tom Weir, brings in Boris Osman, an engineer to help him investigate the crash and immediately run into stonewalling by the state-owned rail company, who do not want to see the train. Osman thinks it’s because the investigation will have to disclose the reason why the wreck was bad shape. Osman thinks it was caused by the politicians in office allowing the rail system to deteriorate. The coroner learns the bridge was hit twice before. Pressure begins to be brought on the coroner from above to the train. Osman learns this is the third time this locomotive went off the rails. Osman examines the locomotive. The inquest begins, with Orman recounting how the tragedy happened on January 18, 1977, with the stories of some people traveling on the ill-fated train, leading up to the epiction of the accident. To to to track track,,,,,,,,,,,,,,……………. The community springs into action to help the survivors and recover the 83 dead. Several of the rescuers testify at the inquest and recount their actions on the day of the accident. Many rescuers risk their lives to save the injured. Even when ordered to leave the danger of further collapse Many of the rescuers are traumatized by what they saw. Ormond comes under attack for saying that it was the condition of the locomotive’s wheels that contributed to the accident, since there is no money to repair the locomotives. Gerry Buchtman, who went to Granville while on sick leave to his job. In spite of pressure, the coroner finds that the locomotive’s condition contributes to the accident. Osman later learned that it was a dangerous place to drive a derailment 11 months before Granville, they took no steps to the speed of this line because of an electoral district that often decided national elections and the government did not want to vote by making their train late. We return to the memorial service, while on screen captions tell us what happened to some of the people involved in the crash and the investigation.


  • Rebecca Gibney – Margaret Warby
  • Paul Mercurio – Bryan Gordon
  • Helen Dallimore – Annette Gordon
  • Stephen Curry – Rescuer
  • Jeremy Sims – Gerry Buchtmann
  • Peter O’Brien – Boris Osman
  • Gigi Edgley – Erica Watson
  • Heather Mitchell – Margaret Shuttler
  • Eugene Gilfedder- Mr Ward
  • John Bach – Tom Weir
  • Chris Betts-Sgt. Merv Masterson
  • Aaron Blabey – Dr. White
  • Carol Burns – Greta
  • Cormac Costello- Michael “Scotty” McInally
  • Damian Pike – Constable Garry Raymond
  • Wayne Pygram – Sgt. Joe Beecroft
  • Georgina Symes – Debbie Skow
  • Steven Vidler – Dick Lamb
  • Bill Young – Inspector Ray Williams
  • Chris Haywood – Informer
  • Andrew McFarlane – Public Servant
  • Robert Coleby- Station Officer

Home Media

The Day of the Roses was released on DVD by Umbrella Entertainment in July 2010. [1]


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