Out of the Wild

Out of the Wild ( The Alaska Experiment ) is a Discovery Channel reality television series . The first and second seasons Followed volontaires from urbanized backgrounds As They use survival skills in the back country of Alaska During the fall and winter . The third season saw a relocation of the series to Venezuela , while keeping the same general format of the season 2. The series was produced by Ricochet in the first season, and by Pilgrim Films in seasons 2 and 3.

Season 1: “The Alaska Experiment”

In the first season of the series, 4 teams of 10 urban professionals are dropped off in the Alaskan back country with directions to shelters They Would Spend the next FEW weeks in. The series follows these groups as they struggle to live on their shelters. Paul Claus starred as a wilderness survival expert [1] and Neil Webster helped guide several of the participants on a moose hunt [2] which included training in firing .338 Winchester Magnum and .22 rifles for mountain goat hunting (which Claus and his son independently took participants to do).

Rentals include Camp Point and Back Bay (both in Icy Bay ), Flower Lake (Upper Chitina Valley), and Hawkins Glacier . [3]

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Season 2: “Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment”

In the second season, the series was renewed and renamed, with nine volunteers [4] working together as one team traveling to the wilderness rather than staying in one place. Due to The Greater difficulty for survival of broad and inexperienced groups backpacking so remotely contents, each participant Review: had an emergency GPS Unit That Could summon a rescue team to evacuate em from the experiment. After the first few days, almost half the participants leave the show via these GPS units. 4 people finally finish the experiment after almost a month. They are rescued by a train.

The filming for this season began September 2008 [5] and was aired on April 14, 2009.


  • Penny Jo Johnson: Body Piercer and Landlord, Burnside, KY – First Evacuated. Evacuated because of hunger.
  • Joe Harner: Fishing Outfitter, Ashland, WI – Second Evacuated. Evacuated because of how frustrated he was with everyone having no experience.
  • Frederic Birt: Chicago, IL – Third Evacuated. Evacuated because of tiredness and multiple accounts of passing out.
  • Dan Rac: Police Officer, Brick, NJ – Fourth Evacuated. Evacuated because of not getting enough food.
  • Carolyn Yamazaki: Lawyer, Chicago, IL – Fifth Evacuated (Evacuated the day before other teammates reached civilization) Evacuated because of low serotonin levels.
  • Trish Bulinsky: School Bus Driver, Middletown, NJ – Survived the Wild
  • Jake Nodar: Horse Trainer, Darnestown, MD – Survived the Wild
  • John Ulmer: Assistant Director of Housing, Bronx, NY – Survived the Wild
  • Kimberly Wise: Personal Trainer, Chula Vista, CA – Survived the Wild

Special Guests

  • Billy Fitzgerald: Taken the crew to the right hunt bear. Came on days 17, 18, 20, 21, and 22.

Season 3: “Out of the Wild: Venezuela”

The size was very similar to the second season with nine volontaires [6] being white dropped off on the remote Mount Roraima in the southern wilderness of Venezuela . The volunteers were given a map , a compass and a variety of modern and native survival gear. They were tasked with finding civilization without any other Along the way they have been directed to designated sites on the map. Some camps provided pre-built huts and at other locations the volunteers had to build their own shelters. Just as in the second season, each volunteer could activate a GPSbeacon to summon a rescue team via helicopter to remove them from the experience. The series followed by the jungle, savannah, swamp, scrubland, and finally a raft. Four volunteers were evacuated and five reached civilization after twenty-six days.

Casting took place in July 2010, and the series was filmed in the fall of 2010. The third season premiered on the Discovery Channel on February 17, 2011 [7]


  • Carolina Dellepiane: NYC, NY – 1st evacuated (Day 8)
  • Tara Filer: Pass Grants, OR – 2nd evacuated (Day 12)
  • Rob Lacombe: Rocklin, CA – 3rd evacuated (Day 14)
  • Samuel Ebeyer: Jefferson, LA – 4th evacuated (Day 15)
  • Nick Albini: Tarpon Springs, FL – Survived the Wild
  • Ryan Van Duzer : Boulder, CO – Survived the Wild
  • Brad Strand: Ironwood, MI – Survived the Wild
  • Melissa Mahoney: San Diego, CA – Survived the Wild
  • Michael Merchant: Hampden, ME – Survived the Wild


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