Jungle (2017 movie)

Jungle is a 2017 Australian biographical survival film drama directed by Greg McLean and written by Justin Monjo . The film stars Daniel Radcliffe , Alex Russell , Thomas Kretschmann , Yasmin Kassim , Joel Jackson and Jacek Koman .


In early 1980s, an adventurer named Yossi Ghinsberg (Daniel Radcliffe) travels to Bolivia for a journey into the heart of the Amazon rainforest . There, he meets Marcus Stamm, a Swiss school teacher, and Marcus’s friend Kevin Gale, American hiker and avid photographer. Arriving at La Paz , Yossi is spotted by a mysterious Austrian, Karl Ruchprecter, who claims the existence of a lost Indian tribe and suggests searching in the jungle for them. Yossi believes him, and convinces Marcus and Kevin to join him in the jungle.

Yossi, Marcus, Kevin and Karl hike through the jungle for several days. When Marcus’ feet are injured, Yossi wants to leave the quest. Karl and Marcus decides to leave the journey and go back to La Paz, which takes three days. Yossi and Kevin continue their journey before their makeshift raft, and Yossi is washed away by the river, leaving Kevin behind. Without a knife or any kind of survival training, he must improvise shelter and drill to survive. Ghinsberg begins to give hope after losing all sense of direction, wondering if he will ever survive the jungle. Meanwhile, Kevin is discovered by Rurrenabaque who is 120 miles from Yossi’s location, Curiplaya. Arriving there, Kevin called for the help of the local authorities to find Yossi. They failed to find Yossi through a plane flyover, but Kevin believes that Yossi is alive. Kevin ropes in the help of the local boat driver to search for him. Kevin finally discovers a now-weak Yossi and takes him to Rurrenabaque.

The epilogue says Karl and Marcus were never seen again and Karl was wanted by the authorities.


  • Daniel Radcliffe as Yossi Ghinsberg [2]
  • Alex Russell as Kevin [3]
  • Thomas Kretschmann as Karl [3]
  • Yasmin Kassim as Kina [3]
  • Joel Jackson as Marcus [3]
  • Jacek Koman as Moni Ghinsberg
  • Lily Sullivan as Friend
  • Angie Milliken as Stela
  • Joey Vieira as Black Jack
  • Paris Moletti as Bolivian
  • Luis Jose Lopez as Tico


On February 10, 2016, Daniel Radcliffe joined the cast of the film. [2] On March 21, 2016, Thomas Kretschmann and Alex Russell joined the cast of the film. [3] Principal photographybegan on March 19, 2016, and ended on April 13, 2016. [4]


The film premiered at the Melbourne International Film Festival on August 3, 2017. [5]


In the review aggregating site Rotten Tomatoes , the film has an approval rating of 50%, based on 40 reviews, with an average rating of 5.5 / 10. [6]

Writing for the AV Club , Alex McLevy Gave the film to B-, praising Radcliffe’s acting commitment and the shock of some of the scenes but wrote, “Unfortunately, the movie too often can not resist leaning into the melodrama of the situation. Ghinsberg’s journey into a Hollywood show, making the world seem to be a little less so in the process. ” [7] Dread Central’s Jonathan Barkan gave the film 4.5 out of 5, saying that it was, “… without a doubt, the most thrilling, exhilarating, and inspiring film I’ve seen this year.” [8]


Stefan Duscio was nominated for Best Cinematography at the 7th AACTA Awards . [9]


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