Bare Necessities (TV series)

Bare Necessities is a 2000-1 BBC2 television survival reality show produced by Pudding Productions . [1] The show ran for two series and can still be seen on the old [ clarification needed ] repeat channels.


Co-Hosted by Crew-Cut Lad’s-Lad Ed Hall and Training Commando Survival Expert Hugh McManners , two teams of three were deposited somewhere, say to a week, to survive, eat nasty food, and perform demanding tasks, being judged daily by Hugh for the vital points that the team decides to continue, and that remains in self-induced squalor.

The teams were job-oriented, pitted appropriately: the worthy nurses slogged in the Mexican jungle with the devious and anarchic estate agents; the persevering taxi drivers puts the ebuliance and over-confidence of the hospital doctors on a remote Crete beach; the bland bank managers were out-classed by vegetarian, camel-head-eating students with body piercings in the Sahara , the models were screen-tested by die-hard lawyers on a Phuket desert island; The builders made collapsing shelters from Azores eucalyptus trees while two warring IT specialists were kept in line by a call center manager. And so on.

The programs were rich with useful survival tips from Hugh, plus plenty of examples of how to do it – and the accompanying suffering. Ed’s ability to emphasize the incongruity of the various events – and the often shockingly revolting food remains legendary, and spawned many similar presenters in this genre.


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