Avalanche (1994 film)

Avalanche is a 1994 CTV made-for-television disaster film thriller directed by Paul Shapiro and starring Michael Gross , Deanna Milligan , Myles Ferguson and David Hasselhoff as main characters. The film was shot in British Columbia , Canada .


A father (Milligan) and his two children (Milligan, Ferguson) take a trip to a log cabin in the mountains. Duncan (Hasselhoff) is a smuggler who unintentionally crashes his plane causing an avalanche that traps the family inside their cabin. He is rescued by the family. While they are trying to dig up their way to freedom, they just smuggled from Russia. [1]

Critical reception

In his Variety review, Tony Scott called Avalanche “a solid thriller”, highlighting the “stunning” camerawork, editing and the musical score. [2] However, AllMovie’s Bernadette McCallion was less than enthusiastic and gave the film 2 out of 5 stars. [3]


  • Michael Gross as Brian Kemp
  • Deanna Milligan as Deidre Kemp
  • Myles Ferguson as Max Kemp
  • David Hasselhoff as Duncan Snyder
  • Don S. Davis as Whitney
  • George Josef as Major
  • Ben Cardinal as Hunter


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