Airspeed (movie)

Airspeed is a 1998 Canadian disaster thriller movie from Lions Gate Entertainment & Melenny Productions. In the movie, the passengers and crew of a private jet are incapacitated by an explosive decompression, except for the teenage daughter of the owner of the private jet. Their survival depends on her.


  • Elisha Cuthbert as Nicole Stone
  • Joe Mantegna as Raymond Stone
  • Roc Lafortune as Captain Lopez
  • Bronwên Booth as Andrea Prescott
  • Lynne Adams as Marylin Stone
  • Russell Yuen as Mark
  • Gordon Masten as Frank
  • Don Jordan as Pilot Greg
  • Martin Lacroix as Co-Pilot Terry
  • Yvan Ponton and Lee ‘Bickster’ Biquette
  • Charles Powell as Jeff, ATC
  • Larry Day as Donovan